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2018 Photon Cup, Physics vs. Optics

Be sure to tune in to the the Live WRUR-TV broadcast of the 2018 Photon Cup at 7pm on April 6th where the U of R Physics Department and Optics Department will square off in a soccer match of epic proportions!

The match will be broadcast live via Facebook live on The Sting’s Facebook page. Live coverage will begin at 6:55pm with kickoff happening at 7pm.

Spring Fling

On Saturday, May 6th, WRUR will be broadcasting recordings from this week’s Carillon Spring Fling on TheSting. Tune in at 12:00 PM to hear them.

For more information about this broadcast and the carillon society as a whole, head to the Carillon Spring Fling page.

Special thanks goes to Doris Aman and the rest of the Carillon Society for making this possible.

WRUR’s Childhood Music

We asked station members what they consider to be the songs of their childhood. Here are the results:

  • Alex: “Fortunate Son”, CCR; “Hey Ya”
  • Dan: Jimmy Buffet, Queen, “that one Uncle Cracker song”
  • Nicola: “Mambo #5”
  • Nate: “Friends Will Be Friends”, Queen

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WRUR went to concerts

This week’s question for the station: What was the last concert you went to?

  • Abi: Animal Sounds, Oh Manitou, and Kind of Kind
  • Liz: Joywave
  • Joe: Young the Giant
  • Justin: Bruce Springsteen
  • Carrie: Whitney
  • Maddy: 30 Seconds to Mars

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