WRUR’s Childhood Music

We asked station members what they consider to be the songs of their childhood. Here are the results:

  • Alex: “Fortunate Son”, CCR; “Hey Ya”
  • Dan: Jimmy Buffet, Queen, “that one Uncle Cracker song”
  • Nicola: “Mambo #5”
  • Nate: “Friends Will Be Friends”, Queen

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WRUR went to concerts

This week’s question for the station: What was the last concert you went to?

  • Abi: Animal Sounds, Oh Manitou, and Kind of Kind
  • Liz: Joywave
  • Joe: Young the Giant
  • Justin: Bruce Springsteen
  • Carrie: Whitney
  • Maddy: 30 Seconds to Mars

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WRUR loved music in January

January is over…what??? Here’s some tunes and other musical happenings that our members loved in January:

  • Nate, Productions: “Brilliant Dancer”, Lemuria
  • Alex, FM Grad: “Still Point”, Flying Saucer Attack
  • Toby, FM Empress: “No Woman”, Whitney; “Ch-Ching”, Chairlift

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2017 Album Releases

2016, while a bad year in many senses, was a pretty excellent year in music. Here’s a list of the station’s most anticipated releases of 2017, in hopes that the music can stay good, and humanity can get a lil’ better:
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Video is coming to Hockey… Tonight

At 7:00 PM EST tonight and tomorrow, WRUR TheSting will live stream the UR Men’s Ice Hockey games on TheSting.

You can watch the game here or on our facebook page.

The game will be played at the Ice Hockey Arena at the Genesee Valley Park.

The UR Men’s Ice Hockey team will be playing Brockport tonight and Hobary & William Smith tomorrow.

Tonight’s game: https://ccc.rochester.edu/organization/icehockeymens/calendar/details/1139633

Tomorrow’s Game: https://ccc.rochester.edu/organization/icehockeymens/calendar/details/113963

Latin and Spanish Carillon Concert

This past Sunday, WRUR recorded the Latin and Spanish Carillon Concert, which was performed on the Hopeman Memorial Carillon by the students of the MUR104 class. It will be rebroadcast here on TheSting on Thursday April 14th at 8:00 PM and Friday April 15th at 9:00AM. Pieces and Performers will be posted after the rebroadcast.

Latin and Spanish Carillon Concert Flyer

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