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The Sting

WRUR's Online Radio Station

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It’s here.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Something is happening underneath Rochester!

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Asbestos Abatement

Work is still going on today (Friday the 12th). The Lounge, Engineering and the Meat Lockers are closed until futher notice.

The station will be undergoing Asbestos Removal and Abatement next week from 2/9/2016 to 2/10/2016.

The programming directors will be coordinating with DJ’s to deal with shows during that time, but presumably the station will be closed for most of it. The Sting Stream may be down during this time.

This post will be removed when the work is complete.

If you have any questions or notice any silence on the air, please contact a member of the Executive Board (E-Board).

Friday Night Live

Just this past week, the station has started broadcasting UR Concerts’ Friday Night Live.
Friday Night Live is a weekly concert in Starbucks at the University of Rochester. Updates from each week’s show can be found here, on the Friday Night Live page.

Below is a picture from last week’s, which featured Gabe Becker & Blake Harriman.
Next week’s concert will feature Yang Yang and Reid Zuckerman. Facebook Event.

Gabe Becker & Blake Harriman

WRUR Member’s first rap single

Check out this awesome rap track from WRUR’s very own Damani Eubanks! It can be found on Soundcloud, and you can listen right below.

Scanning Party!

music catalog home view
This weekend, our station took the first steps to digitizing our CD catalog!  Using our fancy new scanning machines, we have added a bunch of CDs, and their reviews, to our online database.  Eventually, all of our CDs will be scanned and online, so it will be very easy to see what we have and what we need to get.  The party was full of pizza and good vibes, and apparently bubble tea.  Keep your ears open for future parties.

Walk the Rocks: How to Understand Hip Hop

On November 3, Complex published an article titled “Why Did Everyone Claim to Enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’?”. The article criticized other websites and media for releasing interviews too quickly after the album’s release, and went further to call the album “overwhelming” in its portrayal of Black experience. Today at 5 DJ Birdbrain and I will be discussing what it means to “understand” an album, as well as said article. Here are DJ Birdbrain’s thoughts as a start:

“While questioning the quick turnarounds of reviews after a dense albums release is valid, implying the the album doesn’t deserve that praise and is also misunderstood by the masses is just ignorant. All this article proves is that the writer is not connected to the music of the album, and tries to say the album is important without even believing it themselves.
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Tune Into The Bootleggers on FM Tuesday!

Halloween Radio Drama Special Tuesday at 8 pm
This Tuesday, 11/3, WRUR is premiering two radio dramas written, directed, voice acted, and edited by University of Rochester students. First will be John Falls into Another Dimension, a Lovecraftian Horror radio drama that follows one man during a series of increasingly unsettling events. The second will be Cops and Robbers, which documents a botched robbery. Both dramas were produced by The Pocket Radio Theater.
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