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WRUR’s Childhood Music

We asked station members what they consider to be the songs of their childhood. Here are the results:

  • Alex: “Fortunate Son”, CCR; “Hey Ya”
  • Dan: Jimmy Buffet, Queen, “that one Uncle Cracker song”
  • Nicola: “Mambo #5”
  • Nate: “Friends Will Be Friends”, Queen

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WRUR went to concerts

This week’s question for the station: What was the last concert you went to?

  • Abi: Animal Sounds, Oh Manitou, and Kind of Kind
  • Liz: Joywave
  • Joe: Young the Giant
  • Justin: Bruce Springsteen
  • Carrie: Whitney
  • Maddy: 30 Seconds to Mars

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WRUR loved music in January

January is over…what??? Here’s some tunes and other musical happenings that our members loved in January:

  • Nate, Productions: “Brilliant Dancer”, Lemuria
  • Alex, FM Grad: “Still Point”, Flying Saucer Attack
  • Toby, FM Empress: “No Woman”, Whitney; “Ch-Ching”, Chairlift

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2017 Album Releases

2016, while a bad year in many senses, was a pretty excellent year in music. Here’s a list of the station’s most anticipated releases of 2017, in hopes that the music can stay good, and humanity can get a lil’ better:
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