Welcome to The Sting!

Studio Telephone Number: 585-273-2748

Launched in the fall of 2009, The Sting is WRUR’s internet-only counterpart. Tune in for music selected by students, news about campus events and activities, live broadcasts of UofR sporting events, and much much more.

The Station is operated by University of Rochester students and broadcasts from the River Campus Studios of WRUR in Todd Union.

For more information about our FM shows, check out http://wrur.org/.

Current Executive Board:

General Manager – Scott Kirschner & Drea Bennett
Chief Engineer – Justin Schumacher
Operations Director – Aryel Clarke
Business Manager – Eric Nolting
FM Programming Director – Toby Kashket
Sting Programming Director – Liz Anderson
Music Director – Abi Milner
Production Managers – Yasmin Owainati & Enyxa Poventud
TV Manager – Maddy Neumiller
Webmaster and IT Director – Teddy Reiss
Aesthetics Director – Joseph Orman
Marketing Director – Carrie Taschman

2015-2016 Executive Board:

General Manager – Kedar Shashidhar
Chief Engineer – Justin Schumacher
Operations Director – David Vandermeer
Business Manager – Brian Caputo
FM Programming Director – Alex Keller
Sting Programming Director – Mike Ormanoski
Music Directors – Carrie Taschman and Toby Kashket
Production Managers – Magnifique Nsengimana
Marketing Manager – Scott Kirschner
Aesthetics Director – Drea Bennett
TV Manager – Sarah Harari
Webmaster and IT Admin – Teddy Reiss

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