SUFFRAGETTE CITY LIVES!! The 2004 Show (11/3)

2020 totally sucks so in this episode of Suffragette City we’re going back to a simpler time…a time of frosted tips, flip phones, bedazzled low-rise jeans and of course, no COVID-19.

  1. Huddle Formation, The Go! Team
  2. Can’t Stand Me Now, The Libertines
  3. Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand
  4. Vertigo, U2
  5. Andy, You’re A Star, The Killers
  6. My Happy Ending, Avril Lavigne
  7. Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard
  8. Whatsername, Green Day
  9. Almost, Bowling For Soup
  10. Time is Running Out, Muse
  11. Slow Hands, Interpol
  12. The Empire Strikes First, Bad Religion
  13. Pieces, Sum 41
  14. Pain, Jimmy Eat World
  15. Neighborhood #1, Arcade Fire
  16. Float On, Modest Mouse

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