bean heist (4/25)

today’s theme: Mister and Missus

songs about the most esteemed members of our society:

miss macros (macros 82-99)

mr. roboto (styx)

mr. bright side (the killers)

mean mr. mustard (the beatles)

mr. sandman (the chordettes)

that green gentleman (panic! at the disco)

little miss sunshine (caleb hawley)

lt. headed (M.A.G.S.)

ms. jade (ms. white)

mr loverman (ricky montgomery)

good morning mr. edminton (of montreal)

hazy miss daisy (kid bloom)

mr. finish line (vulfpeck)

mrs. adams (foxygen)

dear mr. supercomputer (sufjan stevens)

merry christmas mr. lawrence (ryuichi sakamoto)

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