bean heist (3/7)

today’s theme: i’ve never heard these songs before

quite literally, i’ve never heard these songs before. My first impressions, given to you on this cold cold week before spring break. Here’s the list:

here’s to the fourth time! (los campesinos)

falln’ 4 u (part time)

broccoli man (shonen knife)

strong black coffee (jared mees and the grown children)

my my (menomena)

sweet petite (the bicycles)

planet phrom (ducktails)

bent cop (whales and cops)

new york city (cub)

steady light (gladshot)

there’s no one you won’t walk past (the pacific ocean)

stories we build, stories we tell (josé gonzález)

perfect on the surface (emily haines and the soft skeleton)

UFO lighter (camp cope)

absolutely (ra ra riot)

waste (club motorsport)

Have a good break!

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