bean heist (3/21)

today’s theme: can’t get you out of my head

These songs are all! catchy! to! me!

Sometimes I’ll be at my desk doing my homework quietly when suddenly I get the urge to sing:

fast as you can (fiona apple)

midnight city (m83)

float on (modest mouse)

taken for a fool (the strokes)

harlem (new politics)

i always knew (the vaccines)

my name is jonas (weezer)

dinner at eight (rufus wainwright)

chicago (sufjan stevens)

somewhere only we know (keane)

gonna get along without you now (she & him)

i thought i saw your face today (she & him)

stay awhile (she & him)

harvester of hearts (rufus wainwright)


after this show I won’t ever be able to play she & him again, I guess.

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