bean heist (2/7)

today’s theme: 2007-2019

this week I’m playing songs that I’ve been listening to since I was a little kid- partly because I’m stressed and when that happens the ratio of this kind of music I listen to goes up.

Some pretty weird songs in the mix, including:

loony tunas (Y.M.C.A) – yellow kitchen

come back home – seo taeji and the boys

speed up losers – crying nut

annular eclipse – crying nut

your crush on me – super high tension

oh! what a shiny night – crying nut

회상 – 산울림 (reminisce – san ul lim)

what’s the point of climbing a mountain? – kiha & the faces

americano – 10 cm

mine – kiha & faces

graduation – hyukoh

CAT – sunwoo jung

wi ing wi ing – hyukoh

honey tea – oohyo


listen to crying nut- not only is their name amazing, their songs are absolute bangers.

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