bean heist (2/14)

today’s theme: we’re like *this*

in honor of valentine’s day, today’s show is for my friend Danica at the University of Iowa. 🙂 for the five years we’ve been friends we’ve been listening to a lot of similar songs, some of which include:

flowers (in love with a ghost ft. nori)

LOVE YA! (hyukoh)

hometown (okey dokey)

that’s right I’m five (don’t stop or we’ll die)

dessert island lover (BAD CHILD)

cold cold man (saint motel)

best friend’s brother (victorious)

electric love (BORNS)

dance to this (trove sivan ft. ariana grande)

old friend (mitski)

diamonds are a girl’s best friend (marylin monroe)

lover’s spit (chris rubes)

heaven (trove sivan ft. betty who)

still run (wet)


here’s to another 5 years! 

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