WRUR's first album

Your first album is a nostalgic thing— here’s a list of our’s:

-Carrie: Let Go, Avril Lavigne

-Aine: Essentials of Barry Manilow

-Jack: Dummy, Portishead

-Stephen: American Idiot, Green Day

-Mackenzie: Thankful, Kelly Clarkson

-Gianna: Greatest Hits of the ’80’s vol. 3

-Molly: Graceland, Paul Simon

-Eric: Banana Wind, Jimmy Buffett

-Nate: Live at Wembley 1986, Queen

-Emma: Sade’s Greatest Hits

-Ethan: Red Sails in the Sunset, Midnight Oil

-Joe: American Idiot, Green Day

-Maddy: Underclass Hero, Sum 41

-Scott: From Underneath the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy

-Abi: 18, Moby

-Copperman: Viva La Vida, Coldplay

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