12/7/16 the finals extravaganza

1. Right Back Where We Started From-Maxine Nightingale
2. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)-Billy Joel
3. Bicycle Race-Queen
4. Hole in My Heart-The Dig
5. I Am The Walrus-The Beatles
6. Wild Night-Van Morrison
7. Pressed Rat And Warthog-Cream
8. Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces-The Jayhawks
9. Super Trouper-ABBA
10. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow-Frank Zappa
11. Your Part-Ween
12. I Was Born (A Unicorn)-The Unicorns
13. One Week-Barenaked Ladies
14. I’m A Christmas Tree-Wild Man Fischer
15. You’re The One That I Want-John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
16. Hot Potato-The Wiggles

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