Liszt and Stravinsky

This week on Call it Classical:

Hungarian Rhapsody #2 by Franz Lizst. Used in cartoons such as Rhapsody Rabbit (featuring Bugs Bunny) and the Cat Concerto (featuring Tom and Jerry). Additionally it opened Chico Marx’s piano solo in two Marx Brothers movies, specifically A Day at the Races and A Night in Casablanca. In fact, in A Night in Casablanca, there is a version of it performed by Harpo Marx on the Harp.

The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky

Années De Pèlerinage – Year 3: Les Jeux D’Eaux À La Villa D’Este by Franz Liszt

Walking the Dog – Promenade by George Gershwin. Written for the movie/musical Shall We Dance.

Malagueña composed by Ernesto Fernández Romero and performed by Pepe Romero.

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