#2: Blurryface-twentyonepilots

#2: Blurryface-twentyonepilots
***for fans of 2000’s alt. rock***

My main reason this album grabs spot two on the countdown is this album OFFICIALLY marks the rebirth of alternative rock, at least the alt. rock I like! Since 2008, alt. rock has taken this turn into more indie, ambient, experimental territory (i.e. AWOLNATION, alt-J, Foster the People, Of Monsters and Men, Cage the Elephant, Halsey, Ra Ra Riot, Arcade Fire, etc.). These bands are by no means bad; they are some of the best in this alt. rock field. However, I grew up with the punkish, post-metal, popish alternative rock from the mid 2000’s. You know, bands like fall out boy, Boys like Girls, Relient k, Panic! At the Disco, All Time Low, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, AFI, The All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s etc. Until this album-Blurryface-, there has been little to NO bands who have replicated that mid 2000’s alternative rock sound. Thank You LORD for twentyonepilots.

To be very very honest, I have not given this album a COMPLETE listen, meaning I have not been able to listen to it at least 5-6 times through. THEREFORE, I’ll keep this short and give you a link to a really great review of the album.

Best songs: Goner, Tear in my Heart, The Judge, Polarize, Doubt.
What makes it awesome: innovative lyrics, that mid 2000’s alt rock sound.
Flaws: 1st four songs did not impress me
Why it was 2nd and not first: that mid 2000’s alt rock sound + the MASSIVE IMPACT this LP has made in mainstream music.
In summary, “Blurryface demonstrates twentyonepilots is its own schizophrenic genre. This band can make anything from reggae to rap/rock sound amazing. Blurryface itself is a mixture of bittersweet songs about love, life, the fear of growing up, and the search for God.”- Alejandra Rosales. Couldn’t have said it any better, Alejandra. Kudos.

Link to better review: http://jesusfreakhideout.com/cdreviews/Blurryface.asp

Cop Blurryface here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blurryface/id974485462


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