Walk the Rocks: How to Understand Hip Hop

On November 3, Complex published an article titled “Why Did Everyone Claim to Enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’?”. The article criticized other websites and media for releasing interviews too quickly after the album’s release, and went further to call the album “overwhelming” in its portrayal of Black experience. Today at 5 DJ Birdbrain and I will be discussing what it means to “understand” an album, as well as said article. Here are DJ Birdbrain’s thoughts as a start:

“While questioning the quick turnarounds of reviews after a dense albums release is valid, implying the the album doesn’t deserve that praise and is also misunderstood by the masses is just ignorant. All this article proves is that the writer is not connected to the music of the album, and tries to say the album is important without even believing it themselves. This is how not to write about music, form an argument, or even express your opinion online. Posing a question then immediately shying away from it just demonstrates a lack of understanding and a desperate plea to try and stand out just because you do not get why this great album is a great album.”


With this in mind, we hope you will join us in our discussion today. WTR!

-DJ Philosopher Joe and Birdbrain

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