Whatsup Y'all! WELCOME!

DJ  Manny here-


On 9/15/15, I talked about some ideas I had for the running of this show, so I thought I’d just lay em down here for all y’all to read.

  1. Turntable Tuesdays. IF you can freestyle, contact me at DJ.Manny116@gmail.com. I am trying on getting REAL MCEES to drop some nice bars here in the studio over some banging beats. Should be raw.
  2. Requests. If you want a certain song, let me know via the facebook page.(https://www.facebook.com/116xUnashamedxAlternative/timeline?ref=page_internal) or via email ^^^.
  3. Dedications: I can dedicate a song, or an entire show, to a person or an organization. Email me/FB me for further details.
  4. IF YOU HAVE THE MP3 FILE OF THE SONG YOU WANT TO HEAR ON THE RADIO, email it to me at DJ.Manny116@gmail.com. If its emailed, it gets air time.  Period.
  5. Transparent Tuesdays. Some Tuesdays, I will cut the music time shorter so I can get real with all of you and talk about things that actually matter. If you want me to discuss some topic, post it on the facebook page or email me^^ so we can discuss how it will go down.
  6. Guests. If you would like to be a guest on 116xUnashamed Alternative, you have to meet the following criteria:
    1. You MUST have something to share. Whether it be a talent, a story, a blog, etc, bring in something interesting.
    2. You MUST  schedule your visit AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance
    3. You MUST email me at DJ.Manny116@gmail.com for approval
  7. Check the facebook page for contests AND to vote on the show’s closing song, every week!
    1. Grace & Peace~DJ Manny

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