Rochester vs. the World

Sundays at 6:00 PM with Madhavan Murali

Rochester vs. the World

Sundays at 6:00 PM
with Madhavan Murali

Hello, everyone. My name is Madhavan Murali, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Rochester and GCSP scholar. Welcome to Rochester vs. the World, a Sting radio show on science, technology, history, and travel. We play music from all over the world in between segments, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, so be sure to listen in. The show will run as follows:

Just so you know, for every show we play one English song, one Latin song, one European song, one Asian song, and one African/Middle Eastern song.

Miss last week’s show? You can read the transcript here: Rochester vs. the World

On today’s show, February 18th, 2018:

Is there really such a thing as “the perfect crime” or is it all down to science?

Can you find the warmest people in the driest place?

Tired of going to the taxidermy?

Is the story behind Sherlock Holmes truly that elementary?

Make the world ever better, keep your life ever smarter, and like always, thanks for listening.


Special thanks to: Lydia Dake,, National Geographic, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, DigitalTrends, Sparknotes, Sherlock Holmes Museum, PBS

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