PASA on Air

with DJ Studd

PASA on Air

with DJ Studd

Meet Magifique, AKA DJ Studd. Apart from his charming smile DJ Studd has a great radio personality and kills it on the 1’s & 2’s with the latest and greatest African Jams.

His motive is to keep the African community united through music and create a general appreciation of all the wonderful and diverse music Africa has to offer.

So get ready to bump your stereo up and groove to Africa’s Finest with Dj Studd.






Call in at 585-273-2748 and tell me your get out of here moment. Is it some stereotype some had about your home country? Is it something your professor said? Did you fall down while getting your food in DFO? Whatever it is!!! Tell me about it!!!!





Happy JUJUween 🙂

Tonight stand the chance to be a co host on PASA on Air. Listen to the snippet of a song ill play, and if you can guess what song it is you will be put in a raffle to be a co host for next weeks show.  Call 585-273-2748


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