Forbidden Emo

with 000,x14x and 13

Forbidden Emo

with 000,x14x and 13

Sonic Highways – March 5, 2019

Welcome back to Sonic Highways and the last week before Spring Break! The playlist for the week included:

  • 1994—Beliefs
  • In A Sweater Poorly Knit—mewithoutYou
  • DLZ—TV On The Radio
  • Tinseltown Swimming in Blood—Destroyer
  • The Days Are Long And Filled with Pain—Maximilian Hecker
  • New Friends—Pinegrove
  • VTr—The Twilight Sad
  • Kiss—Pale Waves
  • When I’m Small—Phantogram
  • Honesty—Yves Tumor
  • messy—serpentwithfeet
  • Rennen—SOHN
  • Sick Talk—Wye Oak
  • Glittering Blackness—Explosions In The Sky

Music shoutouts went to one of Weezer’s two albums of 2019, Weezer (Teal Album), and Simon & Garfunkel’s album, Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Don’t forget to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions, and keep tuning in! We won’t be on the air next week due to Spring Break, but we’ll see you back here on March 19.

bean heist 2/28

today’s theme: what’s today’s date?

all the songs you’ll hear today have years in their title. here they are, in consecutive order:

1937 state park – car seat headrest

holland, 1945 – neutral milk hotel

summer of ’69 – bryan adams

1972 – broken social scene

1979 – smashing pumpkins

80’s tune – luna luna

1983 – neon trees

1984 – david bowie

1985 – bowling for soup

96 – crying nut

1999 – prince

20:17 – ólafur arnalds, nils frahm

2048 – michael cera

year 3000 – jonas brothers

stay cool, see u all next week!

Sonic Highways – Feb 26, 2019

Welcome back to Sonic Highways! This week, we added a new segment where we chose two letters of the alphabet (P and R), and randomly picked albums with artists whose names began with those letters. The playlist for the entire show included:

  • Beacon—RY X
  • Pain—The War On Drugs
  • Reach For The Dead—Boards of Canada
  • Re: Stacks—Bon Iver
  • Get Low—James Vincent McMorrow
  • Blue Ridge Mountains—Fleet Foxes
  • Gettysburg—Ratatat
  • Space Song—Beach House
  • Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo—Hammock
  • Daydreaming—Radiohead
  • Travel In Time—Carmen Rizzo*
  • I’m Not—Panda Bear*

* randomly selected tunes

Music shoutouts went to Harry Hudson’s 2018 album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, and The Olympian’s self-titled album.

Don’t forget to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions, and keep tuning in!

bean heist (2/21)

this week’s theme: sorry, come again?

you’ll be hearing doubles today! noticed a lot of songs i was listening to this week had the same titles. here’s the setlist-

baby blue (king rule)

BABY BLUE (fishmans)

lovesick (chloe gallardo)

lovesick (potsu)

honey don’t (beatles)

honey dew (katzú oso)

oh no (soy christmas)

oh yeah (yello)

mistakes (lake street dive)

mistakes (ceramic animal)

love at first fight (tyler cole)

love at first sight (the brobecks)

someday (the strokes)

someday (fat night)

wildflowers (gouge away)

wildflowers (joyce manor)


see ya next week!

Sonic Highways – Feb 19, 2019

Happy Super Moon Tuesday (it’s also astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus’ 546th birthday; don’t forget to celebrate that one)! This week’s playlist, featuring some “Moon Tunes,” included:

  • Perfect—Public
  • Northern Lights—Death Cab for Cutie
  • 33 “GOD”—Bon Iver
  • Sinful—Rhye
  • How High the Moon—Ella Fitzgerald*
  • My Moons—Yellow Ostrich*
  • Man On The Moon—R.E.M.*
  • Eclipse—Pink Floyd*
  • Soundtrack 2 My Life—Kid Cudi*
  • Astronaut—Duran Duran*
  • Walking On The Moon—The Police*
  • Southern Point—Grizzly Bear
  • After Party—Air Traffic Controller
  • Killing For Love—Jose Gonzalez
  • Colorado—Grizzly Bear

* Moon Tunes

Music shoutouts went to ODESZA’s 2017 album, A Moment Apart, and Italian Ghosts by Strawberry Girls.

Don’t forget to reach out with any comments, questions, or suggestions, and keep tuning in! Happy Super Moon and Copernicus’ birthday!

bean heist (2/14)

today’s theme: we’re like *this*

in honor of valentine’s day, today’s show is for my friend Danica at the University of Iowa. 🙂 for the five years we’ve been friends we’ve been listening to a lot of similar songs, some of which include:

flowers (in love with a ghost ft. nori)

LOVE YA! (hyukoh)

hometown (okey dokey)

that’s right I’m five (don’t stop or we’ll die)

dessert island lover (BAD CHILD)

cold cold man (saint motel)

best friend’s brother (victorious)

electric love (BORNS)

dance to this (trove sivan ft. ariana grande)

old friend (mitski)

diamonds are a girl’s best friend (marylin monroe)

lover’s spit (chris rubes)

heaven (trove sivan ft. betty who)

still run (wet)


here’s to another 5 years! 

Sonic Highways – Feb 12, 2019

Welcome back to Sonic Highways, Episode 10! Our 10 week anniversary playlist included:

  • Anna Sun (Acoustic)—The Griswolds
  • Fools—Moss Of Aura
  • O, My Perfection—Chrome Sparks
  • High—Sun Glitters
  • Yellow—Cenji
  • Lucerne—Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners
  • Everybody Else—Emmit Fenn
  • Exit—Alfa Mist, 2nd Exit
  • Stealing Fire—Bob Moses
  • When I’m Small—Phantogram
  • Mercury’s Odyssey—The Olympians
  • Shuffle—Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Bloom (Bonus Track)—The Paper Kites
  • (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano—Sampha
  • Blue Boy—Mac DeMarco

Music shoutouts went to Quinn XCII’s EP, Road to Michigan (1-5), and Emmit Fenn’s EP, Before We Begin.

Don’t forget to reach out with any comments or concerns, and keep tuning in! Happy (almost) Valentine’s!

bean heist (2/7)

today’s theme: 2007-2019

this week I’m playing songs that I’ve been listening to since I was a little kid- partly because I’m stressed and when that happens the ratio of this kind of music I listen to goes up.

Some pretty weird songs in the mix, including:

loony tunas (Y.M.C.A) – yellow kitchen

come back home – seo taeji and the boys

speed up losers – crying nut

annular eclipse – crying nut

your crush on me – super high tension

oh! what a shiny night – crying nut

회상 – 산울림 (reminisce – san ul lim)

what’s the point of climbing a mountain? – kiha & the faces

americano – 10 cm

mine – kiha & faces

graduation – hyukoh

CAT – sunwoo jung

wi ing wi ing – hyukoh

honey tea – oohyo


listen to crying nut- not only is their name amazing, their songs are absolute bangers.

Sonic Highways – Feb 5, 2019

Welcome back! This week’s playlist included:

  • Day in June—Kid Astray
  • Heaven Falls / Fall on Me—Surfaces
  • Service Road—Better Oblivion Community Center
  • Paper Trails—DARKSIDE
  • Basic Instinct—The Acid
  • Second Skin—Maiah Manser
  • Reconstruct (ft. Seafloor)—Photay
  • In the End We Are All Cosmic—Sabrepulse
  • As Serious As Your Life—Four Tet
  • Awake—Tycho
  • Day After Day—Goldwater
  • Gold Chain—Kaz Moon
  • Waiting—vanta blvck
  • slow down my thoughts—Zachary Knowles

Music shoutouts this week were to Better Oblivion Community Center’s self-titled album and Kaz Moon’s EP, Summerbug.

Have a great week and we hope to see you next week here on The Sting!


Bean Heist (1/31)

today’s theme is happy birthday dad!

it was my dad’s birthday yesterday and I thought it would be appropriate to play all his favorite songs today. And although he loves his Billy Joel, I think he’ll like hearing some old bops from Seoul 1970 as well- so I put some of those in the later portion of the show. (not k-pop. my father did not listen to kpop in seoul in the 70s.)

I sang a lot of these songs with him when I was really little so I’ll most likely be dancing along in the station as they play.

piano man – billy joel

hey jude – the beatles

hotel california – the eagles

sweet home alabama – lynyrd skynrd

uptown girl – billy joel

come together – the beatles

사람이 꽃보다 아름다워 – 안치환 (she’s more beautiful than a flower – an chi hwan)

오늘이 좋다 – 안치환 (today is good – an chi hwan)

거꾸로 강을 거슬러 오르는 저 힘찬 연어들처럼 – 강산에 (like the strong salmon that swim againt the current –  kang san eh)

사랑했지만 – 김광석 (although I loved her – kim kwang seok)

꼬마야 – 산울림 (little kid – san ul lim)

마법의성 (magic castle)


(I have no idea why the song title for the salmon song is so long.)

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