Fool's Garden Setlist—11/11/19 Pink Floyd

All songs from this week are by Pink Floyd. Rather than listing the artist name (to avoid redundancy), the album from which the song came is provided.

“Is There Anybody Out There?” from The Wall

“Obscured by Clouds” from Obscured by Clouds

“Young Lust” from The Wall

“Learning to Fly” from A Momentary Lapse of Reason

“Brain Damage” from The Dark Side of the Moon

“Breathe (In The Air)” from The Dark Side of the Moon

“Jugband Blues” from A Saucerful of Secrets

“The Final Cut” from The Final Cut

“Cymbaline” from More (Original Film Soundtrack)

“A Pillow of Winds” from Meddle

“Crying Song” from More (Original Film Soundtrack)

“Fat Old Sun” from Atom Heart Mother

“If” from Atom Heart Mother

“Mudmen” from Obscured by Clouds


“Wearing the Inside Out” from The Division Bell was part of the setlist but was not played due to lack of time.


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