2/1/18 And The Tiger Poster Playlist

Melon Yellow — Slowdive, Souvlaki

Sleeping Building Unsuspecting — Foxes in Fiction, Swung from the Branches

Heart Cooks Brain — Modest Mouse, The Lonesome Crowded West

After the Flood — Talk Talk, Laughing Stock

November 6th — Ricky Eat Acid, A whole lot of music from past few years, all of which i hope you enjoy

fay — (Sandy) Alex G, fay

Doma — Zola Jesus, Okovi

Curtain Call — Spencer Radcliffe, Keeper

Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain — DJ Shadow, Endtroducing…..

The Stanza — Ratboys, RATBOY

First Kiss — Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Stranger Things OST

Country — Porches, The House

Place to Be — Nick Drake, Pink Moon

Notes: Clippy will finally stand trial for his crimes

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