116xUnashamed Alternative's Lift Session Vol.1

-Lay Up=Andy Mineo feat. Wordsplayed


-Gravity Lies=RED


-Take the Bullets Away (feat. Lacey Strum of Flyleaf)= We as Human

-Game On=Disciple


-Heart of a Champion=Nelly

-Zone Out=KB feat. Chris Lee Cobbins

-Air Jordan (Remix)=K-Drama feat. This’l, Json, Young Josh, J. Johnson, & Pro (NKA: Derek Minor)

-40 Deep (feat Tedashii and Trip Lee)=Lecrae

-Sick of It=Skillet

-Don’t Waste Your Life (feat. Cam and Dwayne Tryumf)=Lecrae

-You Can’t Stop Me=Andy Mineo

-The Warm Up=Cannon

-Bring It On=Seventh Day Slumber

Tune in NEXT WEEK @ 7PM for Lift Session Volume 2! Bring your A game.


DJ Manny

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